Before it was revealed who would acquire TheFind, a complete Web overhaul was designed and partially implemented in the Elation 2.0 framework, with the intention of having an easier-on-the-eyes fully responsive design. With this design, the overhaul included thinner, more comprehensive Iconography and reenforced user identity, which would help the user locate/access their accumulated browsing information on The Find.


2015 Branding Refresh

The mostly-built  2015 version of Shopping offered rehashed branding, a new visual style, a more conventional save button for products along with a more iOS-styled search bar and  implementation of the Feeds and SERP based on the Facebook's own public  iOS controls to handle the large number of high-resolution images in a feed or results page.


The addition of feeds was means of retaining users for extended session lengths, thus potentially helping the user build a relationship with the services and interface itself.  To simplify the interface, company had identified a two-pronged approach, with Search being the primary function and Browsing as secondary, driving the first. Statistics and   quickly showed that users thought the Browse label was actionable like Search. The 'Feed Picker' stayed but the label had to go.



Shortlists, as a way of saving products to comprehensive lists and reviewing them later were also designer, giving the user a sense of ownership over their data.  Since the short-term goal was to raise MAU, Feeds development took precedence given their past success.



After updating the Classic app for Retina devices, it was deemed drab and unexciting for the time. In early 2013, TheFind wanted a complete branding overhaul. Starting with a third party UI design for an iPad app, done over our in-house UX schematics,   every aspect of the app was redesigned for update .


A full-scale experiment with Facebook Like count as the featured ranking variable. Though initially designed as a web-app that would simply get a front-end UI on iOS and work as a hybrid, a full-featured iPhone companion app was entirely designed. The design of Glimpse strongly influenced TheFind's other properties like Catalogue and TheFind Classic.