Who's wrong, who's right?

I wouldn't call myself a UFO nut by any stretch of the term, but I do follow the developments of various UFO related reports with a rather skeptical eye. And of course, I prefer to live in a world where everything hasn't been discovered and with at least a slim chance of the unknown. Even with doubts, how boring would it be to live in a world with nothing left to discover?

            There have been various sightings reported, not for decades but for centuries, and if vague cave paintings of the prehistoric unelectric man qualify as anything to go by, perhaps even millenia.

Now an Irish astronomer says that he's successfully tracked these unidentified flying objects, and whatmore, he claims to be able to track their pre-specified flying patterns and accurately predict when and where they'll show up. Even a skeptical man like myself can admit that things are heating up, what with the weird mutilated corpse showing up in Russia few days ago, FBI's Rosewell documents disclosure (even if with a healthy dose of x-files's ball-busting ambivolence).

           Fact remains that things on the subject continue being reported. I myself have seen stuff I can't explain (glowing orbs) and stuff I can chop up to obvious planes of unspecified model. The government seems to know some stuff, and the disclosure is beginning, perhaps due to Julian Assange knightly, if condomless, attempts at improving the open flow of information. The Queen Majesty's little sheep-infested greenland has already fessed up most of what they know from the past. Some shinnanigans are still uncommented on, like the disappearance of Lincolnshire's enormous torn-off (AND LOST) wind turbine. I mean how do you just LOSE a wind turbine?

Christians, feel free to give props to the levitating Jesus and blame the devil for chicken pox. Who's crazy?