Exploit Existing Browsing Paradigms


Exploit Existing Browsing Paradigms

Pick up where the desktop left off.

People are already used to doing things one way. How people are used to doing things on desktop influences mobile platforms a lot, but all the same plenty of new behavior is being commonly used by a growing section of the market.

Simplify browsing from anywhere.

Mobile devices  are more frequently used than desktop computers . Your product should be just as easily accessible from mobile as it is from desktop. This isn't just a healthy boost toward usage, but a crucial portion of your market.

Cater to habitual behavior.

Remember the cost of user actions. If you want to encourage a behavior, make it as natural and as easy as possible. Even e-commerce is a form of entertainment for many people.

MultiplyChances to Engage


MultiplyChances to Engage

Let back-end learn about the user.

If available, use back-end to gather information about the user to reinterpret into what the user will want to see.

Cater meaningful content.

Provide contextually applicable content to maintain the user's interest. This will make users feel the system works and their actions are interpreted into what they see.

Timing is imperative.

Follow a general path of though to appear just when user comes off the last engaging content. Experience must be continuous.

Make Way for the User


Make Way for the User

Build solid tools with a simple purpose.

Narrow down the use-model  so that what you want out of users is as straightforward as possible. If you know what you want

Intuitive tools don’t need manuals.

Hammers don't have manuals because their purpose is so simple that anyone can understand it. .

Get in as quickly as possible.

Every tangible second of user's time is valuable and needs to be accounted for against projected intentions. Don't waste your users' time, don't stagger their experience with interstitials. They will skip them and  won't thank you for it.

Reward with Eye-Candy


Reward with Eye-Candy

Reward users for every interaction.

Small animations and polished graphics will live up the entire experience and will convince your audience the product was put together with care.

Let users enjoy themselves.

Using your product should never be cumbersome. Visual rewards for the  user on the right path will have your users satisfied and returning.

Indulge user habits.

Whether you want your users to save items for later reference or display support through clicking a button, refer to similar paradigms users have made a habit of.