There's nothing that drives me more nuts than people who have art done for their product and coming to me with files that have flattened text layers and vector masks. Take it a step further and cease to put things into folders. That's the mother of all inefficiencies - a graphic artist not doing their work right, not spending the extra .5 seconds to group layers thematically. I can dig that renaming layers and folders can be a waste of time sometimes, because with most files you can spot a repeatable pattern in the generic layer naming conventions.

Improper Photoshop work ethics give employers vast amounts of inefficiencies, wasting money and time. It wouldn't be a bad idea to give seminars to companies who have larger amounts of graphic artists so they don't waste thousands of dollars a month on things that could've been avoided altogether had the artists been professionally trained.

It's not exactly what I had in mind when I started this out, but I might still come back to the version I originally intended and finally make that into a poster. Anyway, I started going over the sketch in digital paint, then after about an hour of work, just as it was starting to look pretty good, Photoshop crashed and I realized I forgot to save. Turns out that was probably for the best, as I developed a new technique for illustrating doing this. This piece took me about 4 hours.

Oh yeah, and it's suppoed to be Michael Douglas' character, Grady Tripp, from the Curtis Hanson movie, Wonderboys, based on a novel by Michael Chabon. I feel like Curtis Hanson isn't given proper credit for all the amazing directing the film's seen, the subtlety in character and pacing. Confusing trailers made this movie a sleeper hit at best. Then again, Curtis Hanson's trailers seem sort of confusing to me anyway.