Steve Young Football: Of Interceptors and Pigs

Steve Young Football hit Gizmodo a second time! This time with the CrossFire Spoof Ad.

So during the production, it was decided that there should be a number of obstacles. And among these obstacles were two interesting ones:


The Interceptor is basically a huge football player that deflects the player. I wanted to go a little deeper than that, so I wanted him to be a cross between a gorilla and Mickey Rourke. To make him even more menacing, I figured he should sport a nice SS style helmet. I was actually looking at gorillas for reference, too.


Pigs were planned since the very early days. Only as we progressed did we realize how wrong the idea of a pig holding a football in its mouth is. Which explains the look on the face of the pig in the app icon.

 Originally the pig had a longer snout, because I was going for more of a hog. But I think the final pig (right) worked out just fine, with the mole above its lip.