Quiet contemplation

After some quiet contemplation, it was clearly not gonna work.

Back in 2008, I think, Frankentown was going to be far more cartoony than it actually ended up being. It was envisioned as a short film. I've done my own pre-production and even shot some test footage, but it was coming apart at the seams. The story just wouldn't fit into six to twelve minutes. 


I studied modern UFO folklore to exhaustion. Coming from a CG school wasn't doing it any favors either. I wanted to make it believable. To give it some pull that would get embedded in the folklore and grow with and out of it. Many of the concepts in the book are in a sense, crowd-sourced. Theories of theorists, concurring ideas.


If you think of these stories (in some cases harrowingly scarring accounts), of close encounters as arrows pointing in differrent directions, some of them actually meet in interesting ways. That was the basic premise of sourcing from modern mythology. To add, I used my own experiences with ghosts. Many people, I'd even go as far as to say most, have had or will have such an experience during their lifetime. When you spend your summers in a country that was once ravaged by war, such things happen.
What if - it was all true? What sort of rules would apply?