Glimpse and Catalogs

The first product I came into contact with when working with The Find was Catalogue. At the time it was the market leader on digital catalogs in the iOS app store, offering not only the widest lump-sum of catalogs both available and unavailable in PDF form and even allowed users to shop directly from within.

Initially the company wanted to only skin their existing app to be more in-line with their up-and-coming project - social-based shopping webapp called Glimpse. The back-end crawled product pages weren't brimming with wealth of FB-Like data, but what data was available was very much embraced by an immersed audience. Glimpse's most important contributions however, were Catalogs. Not only the same data as in the legacy iPad app, but custom, user-curated catalogs allowed people to engage and create their own, special shopping wish-list.


Catalogues in Shopping for Droid

As mentioned previously, although the Catalogue app was decommissioned in 2013 to give Glimpse more spotlight, the core function never went away and was present until the very end in the Shopping app for Droid.


Below are some late examples of interdepartmental PDF mail-outs.

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